There’s more to come!

My mother went to heaven  yesterday while in a deep coma. She was restful and peaceful.

She was my supporter, cheerleader, encourager, and my spiritual mentor.

Ruth Eunice Wackes (nee Sutcliffe) anticipated and longed for heaven ever since she was 14 years old when she trusted Christ with her eternal destiny.

My mother anguished in her spirit as she saw my condition with ALS gradually decline. She saw me trip and fall over a carpet’s edge. On her last visit about one month ago she could not understand my garbled speech. She watched as I progressed from using a walker to an electric wheel chair. At the age of 96 she needed neither! And she again said, “I’m racing you to heaven!”


There will be tears of sorrow shed by her children, their spouses, her grandchildren, and great grandchildren. She looked forward to the birth of her first great-great grandchild in November. Her great-grandson, Christian, and his wife, Kelly, took my mother’s hand and placed it on Kelly’s stomach to bless little Tiffany.

But there will be no tears of anguish, despair, or remorse.

The Apostle Paul said: “Do not grieve as those who have no hope.” He did not say, “Do not grieve,” but as with every other human emotion, submit it to God and channel that emotion through Him.

My mother awakened in a flash in heaven! All that she has longed for, anticipated, read about, hoped for, and taught me about heaven is at last hers for eternity!

For Mother’s Day 2016 I assembled a collage of photos and created a PDF card for her (see above). In it I said:

What a wonderful heritage you have passed on to me, Mom.

But the greatest heritage of all is when you were there and prayed with me to receive Christ. 

You are an inspiration to me, have been my mentor and guide in so many ways, and always my spiritual hero.

Thank you, Mom.

Love, Ken

Mother’s Day 2016


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