Ever had an itch you can’t scratch?  Or been somewhere in public when to scratch the itch was beyond protocol?

My nose does not itch

Ogden Nash opined: “Happiness is having a scratch for every itch!”

Itching is a byproduct of ALS. Every ALS discussion board has inquiries about finding relief for intense itching. Suggestions range from hot showers, to scratching with hairbrushes, to lying down on garbage bags filled with ice.

My itching seems to rotate. First it’s my scalp–which Ruth relieves with a stiff hairbrush morning and night (I can’t raise my arms high enough to scratch my own head).

Then it’s my back–no, you can’t scratch your back either–most often up and down my spine, or my waist, or my shoulder blades. And sometimes all three. Ruth scratches using her fingernails over my shirt so the skin does not break down.

At other times it’s the end that goes over the fence last.

The neurologist recommended a prescription that I take daily. But what has been most effective was recommended by a nurse. Guess what it is!

shutterstock_633719588 cow udder
Used under Shutterstock license.

Yep! You’re right! BAG BALM!!

Bag balm is used to keep cow udders supple, free from rashes and irritations, and keeps them functioning day in and day out!

It works wonders! It is udderly fantastic!!

So, next time you have an itch, try BAG BALM!!


Main image: Turtle. Used under Shutterstock license 




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