New Page Added

I have added a new page, Books, containing books/eTexts I’ve written. While not related at all to the topic of ALS, they might be of interest or help to those who visit this blog site.

I take that back.

I am now at the point where I cannot survive on my own. Several weeks ago both Ruth and I were awakened in early morning to strange noises which seemed to come from the garage. I asked Ruth to get my shotgun which usually I have kept by my bed.

But then we realized–I can’t sit up in bed without help, would have difficulty taking off the safety, let alone raising the gun and firing! I recently gave my .45 pistol to my son because I could no longer cock it.

Ruth dialed 911 and within 10 minutes a sheriff’s deputy was walking around the outside  of the house.

My point being, I am treated royally by my faithful and loving wife of 56 years. She has not walked away, traded me in, nor driven me with my wheelchair off the dock and into the Withlacoochee River (yet)–pictured above.

Why not? Read the first book listed on the new page. I just realized it does relate to ALS!

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