From barn to house–Bag Balm’s the answer

About six weeks ago I began to experience strong bouts of nausea after each meal.

I first began to use a feeding tube two years ago, after 20 oz smoothies–which I drank three times daily–lost their appeal. And I was losing weight in the process.

When the nutritionist at the ALS clinic determined that I should use the feeding tube, I decided that I didn’t want to sit still for an hour at a time for a drip bag to deliver the goods. So Ruth has been using a large syringe for three daily feedings. And I would urge her to hurry up with the process. That method worked so well, the wheelchair became a tight fit. Following a nutritionist’s prescription, I was consuming daily five containers of calorie-rich IsoSource from Nestle’s and 24 oz of water, and gaining weight.

Concerned about my nausea, Ruth called the medical company that supplies us with the IsoSource. They asked how long it was taking for each feeding of the IsoSource. “About 15 minutes,” she replied. “For each container?” “No,” Ruth responded. “For two containers plus the water.” “Hmmm. That might be the problem. We recommend at least 13 minutes for each container.”

Drip Bag

Realizing that’s a tall order for anything but a robot—to feed me with a syringe for over thirty to forty minutes at each feeding—we resorted to the drip bag.

Jantoo Drip Bag Cartoon33700909

Ruth had several cartons of the drip bags in the trunk of her car for almost two years. In addition, the hanger device! Her intention was to donate them–but never did! So we were able to make the switch immediately.

I soon learned the advantage of the drip bag. I could work on my computer or watch TV while the feeding was going on. AND THE NAUSEA DISAPPEARED!

So the gall bladder removal, or kidney transplant, or liver surgery, and/or a massive tumor in my intestines—all faulty diagnosis I had conjured up in my mind—were now unnecessary!

Bag Balm Hilarity

While we’re on the topic of bags, Ruth had a comical conversation with a cashier at Rural King—the only large box store in Crystal River.

Cashier: “Does the Bag Balm work?” the 18-or-so teen cashier asked, as she placed four cans in a bag for Ruth.

Ruth: “It’s really good stuff,” not mentioning that she used it twice a day to keep me from getting bed sores on the end that goes over the fence last. It’s manufactured use is for dairy cows to keep their teats soft and pliable. Hence, it’s not on the shelves of your upscale Walmart or Target.

Cashier: “I’ll have to buy some. I just can’t get rid of these bags under my eyes.”

I was not present to hear the conversation, nor can I describe the clerk’s appearance. However, I doubt the bags under her eyes resemble in any way the bags for which Bag Balm was originally intended.

But we’re finding out more and more how Bag Balm is being used, and not only to keep our friends like Bessie happy. Bessie, pictured below, has a stringent green light policy. Unless she sees the green Balm Bag tin, no one is given access to her stall!


Grateful Dairy Cow


“Old locals still talk about how Bag Balm saved everybody’s hide in the winter of 1933, when the temperature fell to 50 below zero. In 1937, Admiral Richard Byrd took Bag Balm to the North Pole. During World War II, soldiers used it on their rifles to keep them in shape. After the Twin Towers in New York fell on 9-11, Vermont’s Original quietly provided Bag Balm to be massaged into the scratched paws of search dogs, who relentlessly roamed over mountains of rubble looking for survivors.”  (Promo from Bag Balm Web Site,



Graphics: Cans of Bag Balm and Photo of Old Bessie from
Cartoon used under license: Jantoo Cartoon33700909.jpg

10 Replies to “From barn to house–Bag Balm’s the answer”

  1. Hey ken /ruth
    I having from you, so I hope everything is ok.
    I see there is the although one coming coming up, though gulf.
    Hey, I have question, you were talking about Alan. Is Alan from jersey.
    If that is ask how is son, that i went school with.


  2. Hi Big Brother! Sometimes your blogs make me cry. Sometimes I have to stop midway and thank God for His mercy and peace poured over you. I am always touched by your blogs, and so thankful you still type them! Today you made me laugh out loud! Thank you!


  3. Ken,
    I grew up in a rural community in Ohio, we lived next door to a farm with dairy cows and I would help the neighbor with chores. I was just about 12 years old when I started to get pimples and acne so Mr. Miller, the farm owner, gave me some Bag Balm he used on the cow’s udder. I put it on my face every night before bed and it started to clear my complexion. I threw away the prescription creams and only used the Balm and I never got any scarring acne! I only side effect was the desire to moo in the morning! Maybe I should try it for the bags under my eyes.


  4. Hi Ken!
    I just randomly found this post and was happy to hear from you. Social media does have some great uses.
    Thank you for sharing. Your upbeat attitude reminded me to be thankful for all of my many blessings!
    I cannot believe that Logan and Hannah are headed to college! Who let that happen?!
    Hello to Ruth. Leslie G.


      1. Wondering if Bag Balm would take my dark age spots from my face. Linda and I just read your post and found it hilarious. You never lost your sense of humor. Been reading your blogs finding them inspirational and entertaining just like the morning devotions at Westminster Academy. Thought about you today and wanted to let you know it is my Christian Birthday. THANKS TO GOD USING YOU!!!!!!! 39 years ago We will see each other at the heavenly throne. Tom D


        1. See comment from a friend who claims Bag Balm cured acne. If Bag Balm takes age spots away, it’s only temporary. imagine what condition your physical face will be in 30-40 years from now! But the healing balm I shared with you 39 years ago removed all stains of sin FOREVER, and ENTIRELY — as far away as East is from the West (Ps. 103). “There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s veins, and sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilty stains” (William Cowper).


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